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Date: 30 mars 2012


A freeski movie mixing discovery, creativity, sensations and pleasures. you rediscover freeski in its most diversity, with freeski backcountry, urban jib in Europe and Quebec, but also road-trips in not so common countries for its practise such as Greece, Turkey and Russia. WHAT ELSE!? is mostly freestyle ski which level, in constant growth, adds something new to this modern movie. You'll find ski in huge snow conditions, but also the use of urban field and backcountry moutains. Some images in snowpark (kick, rail) and from those exotic trips, come to enrich this movie.
Réalisation : Julien RODRIGUES // Riders : Pierre Antoine Chedal, Phil Casabon, Thomas Theberge, Tobias Trischer, Florent Bastien, Julien Lange, Florent Cuviller, Laurent Favre, Thibaud Dushosal, Yan Bussieres, Antoine Bourassa, Alex Bellemare, Eliot b.Lafreniere, Antoine Caron, justin Meilleur, Lao chazelas, Anatole Camelin, Andy & Sandy Collet, Jaime Puigdongoles, Mathieu Imbert

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